Panasonic PC-RD05C4 Radiation Damper for Whisper Series Bath Fans for Installati,

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Features: For use on one, two, or three hour fire-rated floor/ceiling and roof/ceiling installations. Approved for 50-150CFM WhisperGreen®, WhisperLite®, WhisperGreen-Lite™, WhisperCeiling™, WhisperSense™, WhisperSense-Lite™, WhisperWelcome™, WhisperFit™, and WhisperValue™ Fans. Radiation damper will close to prevent the spread of fire and heat. Meets or exceeds UL Classified 555C and National Fire Protection Association NFPA-90A. Damper will fit in a wood frame ceiling or T-bar assembly. Self-grounding, 15 Amp, UL Listed, 2 Year Limited Warranty. Specifications: Housing Height: 10-1/8″ Housing Width: 10-1/8″ Housing Depth: 3-1/2″ Product Weight: 4.5 lbs